The Bonfire


Sectarian strife runs high in Northern Ireland’s second largest city of Derry/Londonderry. The film follows a group of Northern Irish Catholic boys as they build a bonfire for Assumption day. They set it aflame as a direct response to a bonfire organised by Protestant boys on the other side of town.

During this period, flags are burnt and the police place themselves as a physical buffer between the two sides. Yet despite all of this, the building of the bonfire resembles a festive ritual, reminiscent of campfires and the innocence of youth. The younger boys imitate the older boys. The tradition of bonfire-making passes down from one generation to another.



Directed by Estelle Eonnet

Assistant Director: Sarah Weisberg
Camera: Estelle Eonnnet
Edited by: Estelle Eonnet and Sarah Weisberg
Post-production Sound: Louis Jaubert de Beaujeu
Post-production Picture: Adrian Claret-Perez

Cast: members of the Bogside Republican Youth, the Bogside Community and the Fountain Community

Produced by Estelle Eonnet
Funding: The Michael Gill Fellowship



Running time: 19 mins
Aspect Ratio: 3: 4
Original Format: miniDV
Language: English